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Only a pairing button is planned for this first version to keep cost down and to keep the device as simple as possible. There are also a lot of switches and buttons around in people’s homes already. But something we will consider for the future.

The primary idea is a flexible device that can be placed anywhere.

Mains power will make the unit dependent on electrical outlets. And adding a dual power option will increase the cost and make the device too thick.

Unfortunately, there are no relevant standard e-ink displays available in a shape to fit with existing sockets etc.

A specially designed display will increase cost dramatically and availability will be postponed in the far future due to the imminent component crisis.

Also, wall-switches have different dimensions in different countries, although some standardization exist.

The main idea is a simple, single-purpose and well-integrated device, which is why we have developed the smpl mini display specifically for Homey.

Yes. You will be able to connect as many smpl mini displays to your Homey as you like.

And you can customize each display to show different data at different times in different ways.

We have chosen two CR2450 button cell batteries and very efficient power management to have maximum battery lifetime. Based on tests with minute-by-minute updating we estimate several months battery lifetime.

Using high quality batteries and having an optimized Zigbee network will ensure maximum lifetime. You can furthermore dramatically increase battery lifetime by manually decreasing the update frequency as well as utilize the pause/resume flowcards. This will easily give you 6 months or more.

Electronic Paper Displays (EPD) offers numerous advantages over both TFT and OLED. Especially when it comes to power consumption where it outperforms massively.

This is because it only draws power when refreshed or the content of the screen is changed. And power efficiency is crucial when the display is battery powered.

It’s clear readability in direct sunlight also makes it ideal for information display indoors.

Zigbee offers the right combination of range and low power consumption which is required for optimum flexibility.

Zigbee is also well-supported in Homey.

The downside is very low band-with, especially when we are broadcasting live data to a screen. Our solution is storing the graphics locally on the device.

Homey is the most versatile and user-friendly smart home hub on the market.

We are Homey enthusiasts and have developed the smpl mini display based on feedback from the Homey Community Forum.

The smpl mini display is designed to fit seamlessly in your home. It is thin, elegant, and versatile. Something to potentially put in every room, on the wall besides a switch, on a table or a shelf, blending in without standing out.

It utilizes the power of Homey to create rules and automations that show different data at different times on the same display. Bigger also means more power and higher cost.

Just like buttons, we have disregarded from a touch-enabled display.

For the same reasons. To keep cost down and to keep the device as simple as possible.

There are also a lot of switches and buttons around in people’s homes already.

Smart home dashboards are often a more comprehensive representation of data on a larger touch screen with the ability to control devices and values. That’s great.

But it’s something different than the smpl mini display.

We love Homey because it is user-friendly and not only for the experienced smart home enthusiast.

The idea behind the smpl mini display is to work out-of-the-box with the Homey platform.

A back-lit display consumes a lot of power.

Too much power for a battery powered device with the ambition to last for more than a couple of weeks. So, we did not add light in the display.

The smpl mini display is guaranteed to operate in temperatures between +5oC and +40oC and in a humidity range up to 75%.

If the outside conditions are within this range and the device can connect to your zigbee network, all good.

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Smpl products is all about visualizing and interacting with data from smart homes via physical displays and other devices.

We are at your service to answer any questions you might have – feel free to reach out via the contact form.

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