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Firmware update

Please download our PC update tool here by filling in your details and click the ‘download’ button.

Be aware! Access to a Windows PC and a micro-USB data cable is required. You will need to disassemble (open) the display.

You start the tool by double-clicking the downloaded file.

You will first see a command prompt for a few seconds before the start screen appears. The update process has 6 individual steps during which you will need to press and hold a ‘boot’ button on the display two times. The on-screen guide will tell you when you have successfully updated your display.


  • To know if your display has the most recent firmware and Zigbee stack, please refer to the section ‘Firmware history’.
  • To know the current firmware version on your display, please refer to the section ‘The service screen’.
  • To know the current Zigbee stack version on your display, please check the advanced device capabilities of your display in Homey Pro 2023. Firmware version relates to the current Zigbee stack (and not firmware). It is currently not possible to see the Zigbee stack version on older Homey Pro’s.

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