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smpl mini display

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Easily show the data you need

No coding needed to set it up

Place it anywhere (even in sunlight)

The smpl mini display is a small battery powered e-ink screen connected to your Homey Pro.

Already hundreds of users across Europe

Reviews from the Official Homey community

“This little device made me and my wife’s life so much easier!”


“I’m very happy with the smpl display, it works perfectly.”


“My wife really likes it :-)”


Magnetic wall mount included

Sleek and easy to place in any room.

Further details:

We currently ship to EU and Norway.


We are registered in the so-called VOEC scheme with the Norwegian Tax Administration and thus collect Norwegian value-added TAX (VAT) on your purchase, just like all our other shipping destinations in the EU.
You can find our registration here. Just type ‘Martins Tech Garage’.
No other fees (customs duty etc.) are added apart from shipping cost.

If you want to buy as a business (not for resale), please contact us by email:

Our products are CE marked, which means that they are tested and meets all the legal requirements for CE marking and can be sold throughout the EEA (27 EU member states and 3 EFTA countries).


Size: 89mm x 52mm x 14mm
Weight (excl. batteries): 38g

Wall mount:

– Size: 102mm x 63mm x 10mm
– Weight (excl. display): 37g


– Type: e-ink display, black/white, partial refresh
– Resolution: 264 x 176
– Size (active): 2.7 inch, 57mm x 38mm


– Protocol: Zigbee 3.0


– Type: CR2450 3v Lithium

Each smpl mini display is including: a display, a magnetic wall-mount, 2 CR2450 batteries as well as free download of the smpl app on the Homey app store

We have put equal effort into developing the accompanying Homey app for the smpl mini display to give you the best possible integrated experience and to allow you to access all the relevant and useful data from your smart home.

Please download the smpl app on the Homey app store as soon as you have placed your order. You will be able to install a virtual display to start exploring the possibilities while you wait for the delivery of your order.

More questions? Visit our whole F.A.Q

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The first ever wireless, battery-powered, customizable smart home display

Exclusively developed
for the Homey Pro

2 year warranty and 14-day money-back guarantee

How does it work?

It’s actually quite simple. Download the smpl app on the Homey app store as soon as you have placed your order. You will be able to install a virtual display to start exploring the possibilities while you wait for the delivery of your order.

1. Order your display(s)

You will quickly need more. Why not order more than one display already now to save you the trouble.

2. Download the app

It’s free. And you can start designing display layouts already now.

3. Install a virtual display

Check out our online manual for more details on installation, set-up and usage.

Even the experts find it simple

The smpl mini display has been battle tested around the world by leading smart home experts.

“Its ease of use, flexibility and elegant design make it an essential device for modern home control. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to take their smart home experience to the next level.”


Review from Germany

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“With smpl you get a display where you can show data from Homey in a beautiful way”

Review from the Netherlands

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The biggest danish niche site on home- and electronics content recommends smpl mini display.

Review from Denmark

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“I am crazy with this display, I love it, I truly love it”


Sepp Malec, Denmark

Watch the review on YouTube

“This is probably one of the most innovative things I've ever seen. Never ever seen before”


Fille Kirstein, Denmark

Watch the review on YouTube

“All in all, the smpl mini display is a beautiful and handy screen that can be used in any interior and is easy to use”

Homey Cornelisse

Review from the Netherlands

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“Keeping track of various values in the smart home is sometimes worth its weight in gold”

Review from Sweden

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“For those users who want easy access to the data from Homey, this product is perfect”


Review from Sweden

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“1st week with the smpl mini display went well! As the name suggests, the display is easy to set up.”


Review from the Netherlands

Read the whole review

Limited stock

The smpl mini display is thin, elegant, and versatile. Something to potentially put in every room.


Connects easy with your Homey to display relevant and useful data when and where ever you need. The smpl mini display communicates with your homey using standard zigbee wireless protocol.

easy to read

Small in size but easy to read. Effective and aesthetic. The smpl mini display has an e-ink display with a 264 x 176 resolution which makes it easy to read even in direct sunlight, evening lightning and from across the room.

flexible design

A versatile magnetic wall-mount gives optimum flexibility. The smpl mini display is easy to place elsewhere temporarily and effortless to replace the battery. You decide whether it should be placed horizontally or vertically.

small and elegant

Designed to fit seamlessly with your current wall switches and sockets. The white smpl mini display is 86mm x 50mm in size and only 14mm thick.

battery powered

Place your device anywhere you want, in any room, on any wall, on any surface. The smpl mini display is powered by two CR2450 button cell batteries estimated to last several months or even longer depending on your use, designed so you can place it anywhere.

The smpl mini display can easily show the data you need. Any useful sensor value or relevant device status.

Mouse over the icons to see examples of useful and relevant data

Alarm, open/close, motion, vibration, lock
Target temperature, current temperature, heating mode
Temperature, wind, rain, luminance, pressure, humidity, uv, lightning
On/off, dim, color, temperature, saturation
Temperature, humidity, co2, tvoc, ppm, luminance, pressure, noise
Power, effect, cost
Playing, volume, channel, album, artist, trackk

… or any other data that are collected by your Homey

Got a question?

Only a pairing button is implemented in this first version to keep cost down and to keep the device as simple as possible. There are also a lot of switches and buttons around in people’s homes already. But something we will consider for the future.

The primary idea is a flexible device that can be placed anywhere. Mains power will make the unit dependent on electrical outlets. And adding a dual power option will increase the cost and make the device too thick.

We have chosen two CR2450 button cell batteries and very efficient power management to have maximum battery lifetime. Based on tests with minute-by-minute updating we estimate several months battery lifetime.

Using high quality batteries and having an optimized Zigbee network will ensure maximum lifetime. You can furthermore dramatically increase battery lifetime by manually decreasing the update frequency as well as utilize the pause/resume flowcards. This will easily give you 6 months or more.

Homey is the most versatile and user-friendly smart home hub on the market. We are Homey enthusiasts and have developed the smpl mini display based on feedback from the Homey Community Forum.

Electronic Paper Displays (EPD) offers numerous advantages over both TFT and OLED. Especially when it comes to power consumption where it outperforms massively. This is because it only draws power when refreshed or the content of the screen is changed. And power efficiency is crucial when the display is battery powered. It’s clear readability in direct sunlight also makes it ideal for information display indoors.

Got more questions?

See our full F.A.Q.

2 year warranty

We are confident in our product, and we want you to be the same. The smpl mini display comes with a 2-year warranty and a 14-day money-back guarantee, if you regret your purchase.

Make the useful and relevant data from your Homey available anywhere and to everyone in your home

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