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About us

The smpl mini display is created in Denmark by Martins Tech Garage with fantastic help from electronics development company EKTOS and their Ukrainian subsidiary TECHTO as well as Dutch software developer koktail.

We are smart home enthusiasts and dedicated Homey users with a passion to show that not everything tech should originate from China or the US.

The idea initially came from our own demand which we quickly realized was like many others in the community: to make all the data from our smart homes available and visible to everyone and everywhere in the household. Not a dashboard, although this would also be great, but something simple, small, thin, elegant and versatile. Something to potentially put in every room, on the wall besides a switch, on a table or a shelf, blending in without standing out. And it had to integrate perfectly with the Homey platform utilizing its connectivity and power of Flows. That is what we have built.

Martins Tech Garage

Martin and Pernille Rasmussen started Martins Tech Garage in 2021 to create the smpl mini display. Martin has a background in marketing and technology. And Pernille was previously in the real estate business and skin care.

Gro Media

Joachim Thomsen and Freja Rasmussen are co-founders of Gro Media, a digital content and marketing agency. Gro Media is responsible for brand design and development of digital assets for Martins Tech Garage.


EKTOS ( is a one-stop provider of electronics development, testing and product approval services as well as manufacturing. EKTOS was founded in 2007 by Jesper Holst and Niels Martin Jørgensen, and was built with a passion to the complex and deep-tailored hardware and software solutions in the areas of IoT, Power Electronics and I&C systems. In collaboration with its daughter company TECHTO Electronics ( – EKTOS can provide full scope product development from a “napkin design” to the packed and ready for a dispatch product. Today EKTOS and TECHTO have facilities in both Denmark and Ukraine.

Left to Right:
1. Stepan Sokolovskyi – Low Level Software and Drivers Design & Development
2. Andrii Grabovskyi – Hardware Developer
3. Oleksandr Liubimov – Project Director
4. Maksym Shilo – Embedded Software Development – Connectivity & Power Consumption
5. Kostiantyn Shramenko – Embedded Software Development – Graphics & Business Logic
6. Sergii Shavshyn – Technical Leadership


Leendert de Kok ( is a freelance software developer with background in graphic design and has more than 15 years’ experience and started his own business in 2021. Leendert has developed several high rated Homey apps including Beacon, Xiaomi mi flora and Sureflap.

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